Fun Fact About Zakkiyah:
• Nickname Za.
• Zakkiyah is a Muslin name meaning pure.
• Her favorite movies are Transformer’s and Tinkerbell.
• She loves roller-skating and playing the piano.
• Her favorite color is pink.


Za’Kiyyah Abdullah Whitfield born on February 14, 2000 is an American singer, songwriter, youth advocate, role model and a aspiring actress. Philadelphia born and raised, Za’Kiyyah is the youngest of her siblings and was given the nickname Za.

Her music inspiration are Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige and Chris Brown. Za grew up listening and watching these artist careers blossom and hope to have the same happen for her.

As a toddler Zakkiyah remembers her mom singing Musiq Soulchild’s “Love” and her singing along. Zakiyyah has always been a quick learner of lyrics to song, her mother recalls, “after only hearing it once, she knew all the words.” Za’s family realized at the tender age of six she could really sing, her sister heard her singing Mary J. Blige “Can’t be without you.” And thought she had talent. In fact, they thought it was the radio.

At the age of 9, Zakkiyah heard of Justin Bieber’s story from struggle to super stardom. His story motivated Zakkiyah to work harder and follow her dreams.

Zakkiyah began performing at school, in talent shows and community events. She would sing an original song titled Pretty Girls. The success of the songs gave her the opportunity to perform at Dorney Park in August 2015 during the Summer Fling Anti Bullying Tour. Za’Kiyyah success includes, opening up for the UniverSoul Circus, in October 2015, she received a citation from the City Of Philadelphia and Councilman David Oh for standing up against bullying/ The MEMA Movement.

Za, MEMA Movement was created to end bullying through the channel of music. Music Empowering Minds Anti-Bullying is the result of Za being bullied at school for being Muslim and appearing different from the other girls.

Her mother encouraged her to come out of her shell and share her voice with other girls who have experienced bullying. As of today Za’Kiyyah is working on new music, the MEMA Movement and a cosmetic line, with her newly formed company, Pretty Girlz & Co /Pretty Girlz Lipstick.

Za’Kiyyah wishes to inspire girls with low self-esteem to feel confident and pretty. Za will release her singles Dance In THE Rain &“Pretty Girl” on iTunes 2017. Zakkiyah will continue to perform at schools and anti- bullying events, continue to spread her message of how important self-esteem is for young girls across the world.



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